About the project

Project Objectives

To encourage the best use of Open Data in Scotland

  1. Find: Help users find a data source they can use
    • by providing a complete and up-to-date listing of Open Data in Scotland
    • or recording a request/ suggestion if it is missing
  2. Learn: Understand how Open Data is in Scotland
    • establish a comparable scorecard/barometer for assessing OD sources
    • help identify where provision can be improved
  3. Showcase: Promote the projects using these data
    • demonstrate where and how Open Data use is returning value
    • build a view of what good Open Data use looks like
  4. Connect: Close the feedback loop
    • encourage good information flows between the 3 main stakeholder groups in the Open Data ecosystem: publishers, super users, and public users

Project Plan

See the 2023 Project Board for what we're working on just now.

History of the OD_BODS project

For a more techical history (something like release notes) see our Project Log