How to: modify category keywords

All dataset categories have keywords which are used to assign categories to datasets. If these keywords are present in the Title or Description of a dataset, the dataset is assigned that category. A dataset can have multiple categories.

  1. Locate in the_od_bods/ODSCategories.json
  2. Modify the json file to add, edit, remove keywords or key phrases
    • These keywords/phrases should be unambigous and near-distinct to the category. There may be some overlap between categories but we discourage it
  3. Save the .json file
  4. In terminal, in /the_od_bods, run python
  5. Check results in the_od_bods/data/merged_output.json

If there are issues executing locally, check How to: run backend locally

Read more: - Karen @ Medium: Categorisation in Open Data Scotland