How to: run frontend locally

To run the website locally

The easiest way to do this is with Docker. Download and install docker if not already installed There is no need to complete the tutorial.

In terminal

  1. With Docker installed (check if installed with docker --version) and launched (open the docker desktop app)

  2. Navigate to JKAN repository

  3. Run docker compose up and let compile

  4. In your browser of choice, enter the server address in the address bar

  5. When you're done, hit CTRL+C to kill the docker process.

The first time docker compose up is run it will take a few minutes to setup the container. Subsequent loads will be quicker.

If the docker container needs to be rebuilt in case of cacheing issues, run docker compose down followed by docker compose up to start it again.

Sometimes there may be an error on docker compose up see this solution. On linux, you may encounter a permission error writing to /srv/jekyll see this solution